Forms to download, complete and deliver upon check-in




By entering on the campsite premises you agree to accept and comply to the rules and regulations stated below, therefore before deciding to stay please take time to get to know the price list, check in /check out hours and internal rules.



The management communicates that the rules and regulations are prescriptive on the campsite premises .Should a person refuse to comply with the campsite rules and regulations or cause any damage or disturbance, he/she will be immediately asked to leave the campsite and refuse the entry in the future.

We recommend to take time to read the various notice boards on the campsite ground.



Reception hours are displayed at the campsite entry. All arrivals must report to the reception and register (valid document needed). Unauthorized entry is stricly forbidden. An unauthorised person found on the premises will be reported to the police for act of housebreaking in compliance with Art. 614 C.P.P.

The management reserves the right (based on its unquestionable judgment)to refuse the admittance of any unwanted guests or guests exceeded in number.

During the night hours (peak season from 11.30 pm to 7am) the main gate entry remains closed. Only the small pedestrian gate remains open. All unauthorised visitors admitted to the campsite outside of the managament/reception hours provide a serious risk for the campsite security by violating campsite rules and

regulations and will be asked to immediately leave the premises.

For each unauthorised person that has entered the premises, the management reserves the right to apply a sanction fee that compensates the economic damage experienced by the campsite.

All the departuring guests are kindly asked to settle their bill and leave the premises until 12 noon (bungalow check out until 10.30 am). After the times indicated the guests will be charged an extra day fee.

On your departure please leave the space occupied clean. Additionaly the housing units guests have to leave all the dishes clean ( failure to do so will lead to a 25€ penalty fine).

Any damage to the premises buildings, equipment or furnishings discovered by campsite control personnel will be charged to the guest. The penalty charge will be excecuted immediately, but it can also be applied on the same day, after the departure. In case of refusing the payment , the guests will also be charged with the legal expenses for the debt collection.



Daily visitors are allowed on the campsite ground only after previous management authorisation. The visiting hours are from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm. A visitor is not allowed to bring dogs ( even if on the leash). Visitors' cars are not allowed on the campsite premises but should be left at the external parking.

All visitors must register at the reception upon arrival (valid ID document required) .

A daily visiting fee will be paid by each visitor (rates are displayed in the price list, on the notice board near the reception). The management can allow a short complimentary stay (up to 30 min) only for guests on foot and without a dog (even if on the leash). 



Between the hours of 2 pm and 4pm, 11.30 pm and 7 am, customers are requested to maintain minimum noise levels.

All guests are requested to keep the TV, radio volume level turned down, etc. We kindly ask parents to make sure that the children respect the silence rule.

When re-entering the campsite premises during the hours indicated,please maintain the minimum noise level as a respect for other resting guests.

All the guests causing disturbance and not respecting the rules and regulations stated will be immediately asked by the management (based on its unquestionable judgment) to leave the premises.



To limit the disturbance and increase the security of all the guests we reccommend to avoid using your vehicles within the premises.

Should you have to use your vehicle within the campsite precincts please proceed with the walking pace and never exceed the 15km/h limit.

We inform that all the damages experienced from the road traffic within the campsite precincts or campsite parking are not covered by any insurance policy.



All the minors are allowed on the campsite premises only if in company of parents or adult family members or those legally responsibile.

Children are not allowed to use various recreational and sanitary faclilities without parental supervision.

The guests will take all the liability for the risk and danger of taking part in any organised activities (like games, races).

The bicycles can only be used within a designated bicycle pitch located at the campsite exit and entry.

It is not allowed for children to ride the bicycles along the campsite side pathways as it can cause a major disturbance to other guests.

The management is authorised to confiscate the bicycle from the underage person if it brings disturbace and danger to others.The bicycle will be returned to the adult responsable for the minor.



Domestic animals are allowed on the premises by the previous management authorisation and are only permitted for customers renting seasonal/ annual housing units.

Guests staying in the tent are not allowed to bring dogs.

For the camper or roulotte guests,the managemet reserves the right ( (based on its unquestionable judgment) to only allow small dogs. The animal entry is determined by campsite organisational needs.

Dogs must always be kept on a leash.It is absolutely forbidden to leave dogs inside the campsite premises and /or accommodation unit without the owners supervision. Serious consequences will be implemented for those violating the rule.



For safeguarding the environmental standards it is stricly forbidden:

● to dispose rubbish outside of recycle bins indicated ( recycle bins are positioned next to sanitary faclilities)

● to damage equipment, vegetation and to dig holes in the ground or mark off pitches by yourself

● pouring or dispersing into the ground any detergents, fuel oil,boiling or salty waste liquids

● wasting water or inappropriate water use

● washing your car on any of the sports pitches, washing your dishes or laundry outside of the designated sinks

● using the fountains provided for drinking water around the site, for laundry, dish washing or personal hygiene

● installing fences, tying or attaching anything to trees or plants, tying or streching ropes on eye level and installing any other thing that can cause a security risk or obstacle free passage

● emptying chemical toilets outside of the specifically designated place , chemical disposal point is located inside the sanitary facilities

● lighting fires in the campsite, grill/barbeque is allowed only if using charcoal (wood is forbidden) and under the condition of always having a bucket of water close to you. Please make sure you're not disturbing those around you

● using eletric heating, and/or using any falty,damaged electrical equipment

●eletric hook up is only allowed if using rubber cable (respecting the CEE regulation) that should be layed down on the ground without crossing the campsite streets, the cable cannot exceed 25mt. lenth and there shouldn't be any extra eletrical connections from the roulotte or tent to the hook up bollard

● the eletric current provided is at 220V and 3A supply, so it's forbidden to use hairdryers, irons and other appliances with high amount of current needed which would cause a power cut to the hook up bollard, for all appliances with high amount of current needed please use the sockets provided in the main facility building

● one max. 15Kg gas tank is allowed to be kept by each accommodation unit



Use of campsite equipment,recreational and sports facilities is at guests own risk/peril and is only permitted to campsite guests.

Minors are not permitted to use the facilities without parents or adults supervision. Parents or adults that are accompanying minors have to make sure that the facilities used (that can be misused by other guests) are risk free.

If any risk occurs please contact the management immediately, before using the facility.The management will make sure to fix the damage as soon as possibile, so it can be used in a safe way.

The management is not liable for thefts. We reccomend to always close your tent, camper, roulotte or bungalow.

The management cannot be held responsible for any damages to things or people caused by:

● other guests behaviour

● natural disasters like hail,storm,tornado, flood and what comes with it – falling branches and plants

● any other cause that doesn't depend from serious negligence or malice from the employees or management

The management also declines any responsibility for the damages to things / people caused by unexpected interruption or failed supply of gas/ water/electricity.

We reserve the right to remove (by ourselves or by hiring a third party) any privateequipment or structure that can cause risk in case of any unusual weather events or fire ( even with owners being absent and without a previous notice).If hiring a third party the full cost of the operation will be paid by the owner.

!When caught in the act of violating campsite rules and regulations the person will be immediately asked to drop the inappropriate behaviour and if possible, remove the cause of the illicit conduct and to restore the sites. Refusing to do so will be treated as a new violation of the campsite regulations.

The guests and their visitors are personally kept responsible towards the campsite and/or the third parties for any direct or indirect damage to things and/or people, in any way caused as a consequence of actions which violate the rules of the present contract and/or other applicable rules.

Breach of the rules indicated above leads to an immediate termination of the accommodation contract. The guests and their visitors will be constrain to leave the campsite premises.


Any possible changes to the rules and regulations will be announced on the notice board and take effect immediately. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Management